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Meet Up

The best way to learn about what we are up to is to attend one of our monthly meetings (1st Monday of each month) from 7-8pm.


In addition, keep an eye on our Facebook page (Point Breeze Community Development Coalition) to stay up to date on neighborhood happenings and volunteer opportunities.


Housing & Land Use

Committee focused on land use, zoning, and smart development initiatives.

Business & Employment

Committee focused on economic opportunities and employment/training for residents.


Committee focused on the safety and security of residents.

Quality of Life

Committee focused on maintaining and improving the quality of life for neighbors.

History & Culture

Committee focused on the history and culture of Point Breeze.

Youth Services

Committee focused on our local schools and how to engage our youth.

Community Organization & Advocacy

Committee focused on engaging, connecting, and mobilizing our residents, businesses, religious institutions, and organizations as well building membership.

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Please contact us at the email below if you are interested in donating to the Coalition. We are accepting donations of all kinds. We appreciate your generosity and help in serving our community.

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